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It's a new dawn for the Guild of Discovery, with our old alliance with FairPlay over we start up a new alliance with the Messengers of Aviana (MoA).  We are of course still working with our friends from UC and so we still have a triad of guilds in the alliance.

MoA have a great sign-up area which we think will work really well to orgnise our raids so please go to:  http://www.mooist.nl/moaraid/index.php

Sign-up and then we can get your account activated.  If you have any problems please talk to Buzz, Dirk or Wharf in game.  If you can't find us please put up a post in the GoD forum.

There is a brand new in WoW chat channel available for UC, GoD & MoA guys to chat and stuff.  Have a look on the forum on how to get in on the fun!!

GoD forums are live. Register and the send a PM to Dirkdiggler to get full access.

Raid News

Well guys, we have bee raiding in the new MUG alliance for a couple of weeks now and who would have thought that at the end of our 2nd week we have had our first pop at Hakkar.

So our next traget is identified, and Hakkar has soiled himself.  I am looking forward to seeing his name added to the MUG shots above (do you like what I did there... MUG shots..... lol).


Well Hakkar has now been taken down by the chaps from the MUG alliance. Well done to everyone, it was a great job. Hope we can continue our sucess in ZG, and on in to tBC.