Welcome to the Guild of Discovery..

Hi one and all, and welcome to a ramble about GoD.

Well we are a guild who has been around since some time in July 2005. It's a guild some of us were in when the original GL left the game and hence we inherited it, which is nice. From there a few real life mates and some mates who used to play other on line games also joined. For a while we had a total of 5 members within GoD and that was all fine and dandy. From there to now the guild has picked up extra people as we have played the game, people we enjoyed spending time with in Azeroth either levelling, farming, instancing or just talking. Those new people have brought in other real life mates and also friends they have made within WoW, until we are where we are today with around 150 characters in the guild, and an extended family of WoW friends, in some other closely allied guilds.

We started very small, and remained that way for quite a long time. We are now a little larger, with a mix of people now playing. All levels of people are welcome within GoD, we like people to interact with the rest of the guild, have a chat and all that type of thing. Everyone is free to ask questions about the game, 'Can anyone tell me about this quest?', 'Is this a good item for me to use?', and stuff like that, and if we can help we will.

The slight down side to us not having a policy of only allowing high level toons in to the guild is there are now some players who have been level 60 for well over a year. They know a lot about the game, but maybe they don't really want to be taking people through the Deadmines and the like (to be honest this is not why the lvl 60 guys are on)..... or maybe they do. So with this in mind if you would like help with a quest or an instance by all means put a message in guild chat, and see if anyone is free to help.

However, people generally don't volunteer themselves to come to a low level instance because they are already busy so please do not specifically whisper anyone for help unless they are a real life friend, or someone you know well in the game. It's not much fun having to say all the time, "No I don't want to go to the dead mines" to someone who has whispered you.

If you are wispering a friend please just take the time to look at where they are before whispering them - opening the guild window gives a ready indication of where people are and what they are doing. If the are in an instance, then they probably won't be able to help. If you do wisper, please give them a little time to reply. They might be in a big fight.

In terms of completing/farming an instance it is much better for an individual to complete the instance at the correct time for their character and with a group of people suited for the encounter. Yes, having a lvl 60 with you will help you mash everything in sight, but it does not help you learn about the game. Ideally people ought to be in groups with people within 5-10 levels of themselves. This way you are all on a similar footing, you'll still get good XP for kills and you are either helping or being helped by someone who is at a similar point in their WoW life. There are a lot of non-60 toons in the guild now so it is likely to be better if help is sought by making a group of these people. Instances are far more satisfying when they have been beaten properly by a group of people that the instance has been aimed at than when they have merely been ripped apart for their loot.

The guild is for everyone, and I hope everyone can make sure they take in to account others gaming satisfaction as well as their own.

The guild's focus is now on higher level things, but as I hope we have made clear above everyone is welcome.

It will help enormously if everyone tries to become a part of the community that we now have in the guild of discovery, either by joining in the chat in guild, offering to help people of a similar level to themselves or joining in any discussions on the forums. The onus to do that is on everyone in the guild, but please be aware that its natural for people to be more likely to help other people who they count as friends.


The guys and gals of GoD